2022 Toyota Tundra Trailer Garage System

The 2022 Toyota Tundra Comes with Impressive Capability Specifications

How Capable is the 2022 Toyota Tundra for Rough Terrains?  

The Toyota Tundra is perhaps one of the most robust and capable full-size pickup trucks on the market. Even with tens of thousands of trucks making an entry into the market every year, the Tundra has never dwindled in popularity. In fact, it keeps getting better and bigger every year and fares incredibly well with the automobile cognoscenti. That said, in this blog by Toyota of Ridgecrest, we shall analyze how capable the 2022 Toyota Tundra is for rough terrains so that you can purchase the truck in Ridgecrest, CA, with utmost confidence.  

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2022 Toyota GR Supra drifting_o

What are the exterior color options for the 2022 Toyota GR Supra?

Paint Schemes Offered in the 2022 Toyota GR Supra

If you are looking for a breath-taking sports car model that has earned the respect of every automotive enthusiast since its inception, look no further than the 2022 Toyota GR Supra. Feel the absolute power with the help of the available turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine producing 382 hp and 368 lb.-ft. of torque at the rear wheels. “GR” stands for Gazoo Racing, Toyota’s in-house performance/motorsport brand and the 2022 Toyota GR Supra fits in that title with honor. The sports car also features an aerodynamic exterior design that’s impressive yet functional. Continue reading this blog to find out the exterior color options offered in the 2022 Toyota GR Supra at Toyota of Ridgecrest in Ridgecrest, CA.

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2022 Toyota 4Runner

How Does the 2022 Toyota 4Runner Keep You Safe?

Safety Features of the 2022 Toyota 4Runner 

With a commanding front grille and sporty hood scoop, the 2022 Toyota 4Runner stands tall! If you enjoy an entourage, the 2022 Toyota 4Runner is perfect for you as it can comfortably accommodate up to seven passengers. Additionally, this full-size SUV keeps you safe on all your adventures. At Toyota of Ridgecrest in Ridgecrest, CA, we elaborate on the safety features of the 2022 Toyota 4Runner. 

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2022 Toyota Corolla Hatchback White driving on the road

A Detailed Look at the 2022 Toyota Corolla Hatchback Performance Upgrades

How Much Power Does the 2022 Toyota Corolla Hatchback have? 

The Toyota Corolla Hatchback is a perfect example of how Toyota is staying true to the brand’s core values. Its latest version has an athletic, performance-oriented vibe with a sportier exterior and sleek interior. Get all the details of the 2022 Toyota Corolla Hatchback performance upgrades right here at the Toyota of Ridgecrest blog post!   

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